Thursday, August 5, 2010

Contagious Living

Have you ever noticed how motivated you feel when your around someone who has vision, excitement, and passion about their life. They know who they are, they are excited about where they are going, and are making the most of their life. They understand the reason for living is more then just existing but about finding a purpose and doing it with all your might. Those are the kind of people that make you want to do something with your life! They have rough times too, they may even be under the most financial pressure they have ever known or their life may be not where they want it to be but they are still staying hopeful and positive
On the flip side, there are the friends and family members who are always critical, gossiping, complaining, putting you down, your efforts down, maybe even not really believing in you to have success or that you could be a success! Those are the people that can rob you of your destiny.
Being around positive people brings about positive things in your life! I heard someone say this quote this week, "If you want to soar with the can not be hanging out with the turkeys!" I thought this was so funny! But isn't that the truth! You will adapt and possibly even lower your standards the more you surround yourself with those individuals who can not possibly see you any other way, making anything better of yourself, or even rising above your situation.

What makes people treat you like that? A hundred different things could make individuals like this; jealousy, fear, insecurity, anger, or even hurt. I encourage you today to be careful who you invite to be apart of your "circle of influence". You may have family members, friends, those you have known for a very long time, but they are not on your "team" they don't really see you in the way you need to see yourself. Believe that you have amazing things ahead of you. Not everyone in your life will celebrate your victories, or be there to sit with you when you fall, this is why you need to be careful with who you share your time!
So go and find some "eagles" to get around, those people who will encourage you to rise to the occasion, step out of your comfort zone and soar like you were intended to do! 

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