Friday, September 17, 2010

Culture Crisis? Heart Crisis? What in the world is going on?

This may be just a rant but I really can not believe the lack of compassion exemplified by most people on a daily basis. Maybe I just live in a culture that promotes selfishness and materialism and it is getting to me. I don't know, but I don't like what I see. Not only what I see but what I experience and hear about on a weekly basis. Where is the basic compassion among humanity for another human being? It is as if people are so wrapped up in their own little worlds that they fail to even acknowledge another person.
This is so incredibly wrong and indecent on so many levels it almost brings me to tears. Just this past week I heard a story from a friend who had just started a new job. She went in for training and every nurse that was supposed to train her for her new position looked at each other and declared, "I am not training her! " This was right in front of the womans face and to their boss. Where is the respect?
An elderly man who gives his entire life loving and giving to others is laying sick and dying in the hospital and no one goes to see him. He has lived and reached out to so many people during his life and as he lays there helpless, people could care less. Why? Because they are too busy, too preoccupied, too emotionally detached to even reach out.
A single mom struggles day in and day out to provide for her family and no one offers to help her or support her because they all have their own families and issues to worry about and it would just be an extra expense or burden to try and be there for her once in awhile.
Husbands just up and leaving their wives and never looking back, for no justifiable reasons. Wives are walking away from their husbands and leaving their kids? WHAT is happening? These are just a few examples but the list could go on and on even with people that should be your friends, friends call friends and they are not even returning calls. Elderly people struggle to even drive to the store to get food and meanwhile there are people all around even the most lonely individuals every single day. How sad to be surrounded with more people than ever before on the planet and yet so many people are lonely and lack real and true social connection.
I currently live in a community where there are literally thousands of people right outside my door. Yet, everyone is too busy for everyone else. Most of the people do not even know their neighbors name, let alone feel comfortable to borrow a cup of sugar for crying out loud. This is so saddening to me.
A culture of people so desensitized to humanity and other's around them. It would take just a few moments to show someone some compassion, and give someone in your life the time of day. Or better yet, show someone else that you are not a selfish person-look beyond the nose on your face and discover a new world.

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