Friday, September 24, 2010

Words Of Life

Have you ever heard someone say that you can speak life into someone else's life? To speak life-filled words into another person is like blowing a little wind into their sails. It is amazing what some uplifting words of encouragement can do for someone. I challenge you today to think of someone in your life you can speak some good things over and  into their inner spirit today. The heart and the mind are incredible places.
Here is what I am talking about in a real life breathing moment.
This morning I went to fill up some water containers. When I arrived at the spring, I saw a man who was cleaning all around the area. This man was wiping all the water spouts off and making sure the entire place was clean and presentable for anyone stopping there today to get fresh water from the dispenser's. I asked him if the machine's were working properly, and he assured me they were and that he was just working on cleaning.
I then proceeded to ask him if he was the one who serviced this public place weekly. The man replied, "yes I do."
I wanted him to know how important this place was and that it is a huge blessing to the community. I told him how much this meant to me and my family to be able to come here and get clean drinking water and that the facility was always kept so nice.
The man stood there, and with a shocked look on his face; said "thank you so much!"
I then told him that it was important he knew that his job was of value and that what he was doing meant so many things to other people and that he did something important for the community.
The man was stunned. I was in no way intentionally trying to make him look like a deer in headlights or anything, I was just simply expressing my gratitude for how this man was working.
The gentleman was so moved by the sincerity of the conversation that he then told me that I could fill all my water containers today for free.
I could not believe it! I just said a few kind words to someone who I thought needed encouragement and he turned around and blessed me right back.
That is just one story of what happens when you choose to speak something life-filling into someone's life rather than tearing them down or complaining and criticizing.
Target a special person today or a complete stranger and speak something positive over them, you may be very surprised what you see. 

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