Friday, October 29, 2010

Baby Steps...Please

Many times as families and individuals take on the reality that changes need to happen to become healthier, they want to rush in and make a drastic change all at once. Many times these types of drastic decisions set people up to fail. Healthy choices are daily, and a lifetime commitment. It is one thing to alter your life and want to be healthy, but setting yourself up to get discouraged in the process is not fair to yourself or your family.
Think of a few key areas that you know need to be worked on first and get those taken care of and mastered in your daily life. At that point, move on to another and continue the process.
Here are some suggestions:
The most important things to consider in being healthy is what you eat/drink and what you do for activity on a daily basis.
 Start out by incorporating more physical exercise such as : walking, weight lifting, running, or biking. If you have limitations in what you can do in the beginning and maybe can not get out as much as you would like to then start by even walking a few laps around your living room area. It is the small choices every single day that lead to lifetime success.
If you know your diet is poor, start eating more fruits and vegetables. You have to begin somewhere. There are huge portions that stem off of each of these areas but you have to begin to get healthier by doing something today.
So what changes can you make today to get you there?

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