Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Music Therapy Keeps You Healthy

Music has long been used to alleviate stress. Using this music technique has been documented even long ago in biblical times as David used the harp to alleviate depression in King Saul's life. Music can lift your mood, and elevate your spirit in moments. Everyone has a different favorite style of music. What could help one person may stress someone else out. It really depends on personality and music choice. The body responds to the beats with an increase of serotonin which helps fight depression and stress.
Some easy ways to use music therapy for your health.
1. Take a walk and listen to something motivating or soothing depending on your mood.
2. If you had a somber type of day listen to music that has uplifting tones and beats.
3. To create more relaxation find some music that has nature sounds or soothing sounds like water.
4. If you have had a bad day listen to a tune that can take you back to a fond memory or something you enjoyed.
5. Light candles and turn off bright lights as you listen to the music that will relax you the best for your overall health and wellbeing.

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