Thursday, November 4, 2010

Weight Management: Disciplined Bodies

If you struggle with controlling your weight, you are not alone. But let me give you some encouragement in this area today. There are some important healthy reminders to keep your mind and body focused on during the time you are trying to shed the weight. Weight management is a very hard thing to get control of if you are not in a usual routine and are starting to get on track with a healthier you.
Quick Tips To Keep In Mind As You Shed The Pounds...To A HEALTHIER Tomorrow!
1. Accept yourself and be real about your current situation. God has designed every part of who you are and knows what your body needs. When you want to get healthy, refrain from putting yourself down. 
2. Live your life with gratitude. You may not be happy with your overall weight or appearance, however, you are still alive and you will have victory over the areas of your life you want to change.
3. Continue to be cautious. When you are watching your weight, portion control is a very big part of the process. Being careful about what you put into your body will not only help you become more disciplined but also will keep you from absorbing too many high calorie and processed food.
4. Incorporate more discipline. Eating better and making healthier choices will not only help you shed the pounds, but the discipline will filter into other area's of your life too.
5. Start being more active. A healthy lifestyle means that your body is going to need some sort of physical exercise. Activity improves overall productivity, alertness, and cardiovascular stamina.
6. Be persistent every day! Set your goals and work towards them every day. A little step every day is better than nothing at all. Move forward knowing you will have victory in this area of your life.
7. Change your mindset! Your way of thinking needs to change. Maybe you have tried before and think you will fail again. Change the way you think. You don't HAVE to do this....You GET to do this. Your overall health and quality of life depends on you.

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