Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dirty Little Secrets Grow

It is the little secrets done along the way that grow into bigger things later on! Things that can no longer be kept a secret, no longer masked by pain or hidden from public eye. It is the mighty oak that sprouts from a seed planted deep in the ground that grows into a massive tree to provide shade, and protection from the elements. However, what happened in secret is what made that tree what it is today.
I am not sure why, it really could just be the pure human condition of souls deprived from a Creator who longs to set them free, but it still always surprises me when I witness
or see a little "secret" that blows up in another's face. It could be subtle, it could be silly, sensual, or it could very easily be a felony; it doesn't matter how big or small the dirty little secret is...what matters is that there had to be one to begin with. The basic human nature apart from the saving grace of God is tainted and driven in a direction of wanting to "hide". Hiding things goes all the way back to the garden of Eden, the beginning of time, where man in all his perfect surroundings gave into temptation and HID himself and what had been done because of shame.
But it was no secret, there was nothing done in the dark that ever stays there, things will and do get brought into the light. Many times it is ugly, shameful, downright awful and gut wrenching. People are hurt. Relationships are broken. Dreams are forgotten. Positions and business ties are lost. Reputations are ruined.
I am talking about all kinds of secrets today the big and small, the ones that keep you from losing weight, the ones that keep you from saving your marriage, or the one that keeps you from getting into jail. It does not matter!
What you do when no one else is watching is a clear indicator of what your character is made up of. Let's say for a minute on a minor scale that you want to lose weight and be more healthy but when no one is around to hold you accountable your eating high fat food and chugging sodas to get you through the day. You get frustrated with yourself and cover it up by saying that when things slow down or become less chaotic you will get back to "business" and concentrate on getting healthier. Meanwhile, the scale does not lie. You continue to gain weight and become more unhealthy as time goes on. Maybe your a business owner, struggling to try and make it in this tough economy, you see some area's where being dishonest can be "worked" to your benefit and so you lie, commit fraud, or cheat other people. I am even speaking to the one who is developing deep connections to someone emotionally other then their spouse. Your spouse is turning out to not be prince or princess charming and your frustration has lead you down a path of secrets.
I challenge your thoughts today, your motives! Think about your little secrets, because friend, they are not as little as you think!

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