Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Self Doubt And Your Confidence Levels...Just Do Not Go Hand In Hand

Self doubt is a real killer. It can destroy your dreams, goals, business, or confidence. You need to be able to continue to recognize when it creeps in to rob you of your peace of mind and overall contentment in who you are as a person. In some cases your subconscious mind can be trying to protect you from getting hurt, burnt, or let down. Acknowledge that feeling and move on from it, because if you do not you could find yourself getting “stuck”. The worst and scariest place to be is a place of denial and self doubt.
Keep moving! Working towards your ultimate goals and dreams is what is going to keep you motivated. Action works! If you find yourself in a place where your unable to concentrate, your mind is wandering, or your feeling self doubt; get up and move around.
Take a walk, go to a new location, changing your surroundings is a simple task but can make a world of difference in your thought process.
Believing in yourself and who God has created you to be is key for being successful, healthy and for being able to move forward in your life.

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