Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years Resolution or Revolution

Most people I know at one time or another celebrated New Year's with a new years resolution or two. Goals many have to take on the new year can consist of weight loss, working less, spending more time with family, eating healthier, or finishing a project. Every single person has their own list of personal achievements and goals they have for a new and coming year. I think it is great to have goals and always work to improve who you are as an individual. However, I have also seen how not long into a new year after the staggering effect of every day life sets many people forget their resolutions. Life takes over, work is more demanding, family needs overwhelm, bills need to be paid, time seems to pass too quickly and before you know it the goals you had for the year are somehow pushed to the back burner until a less hectic time.

I want to encourage you this year to  not strive for the resolution you have planned for but live for the revolution in your life. Make permanent changes this year. Changes that will last a lifetime even into eternity. Healthy changes made that can start on the inside and work outward will not only change your life, it can change lives around you. 

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