Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Staying Healthy and Fit at ANY Age

Keeping physically fit is important at any age. Staying healthy is one thing most people do not think about until they are unhealthy or older and are faced with ailments or sickness. Here are some great reasons to stay in shape and keep on top of your health no matter what your age.
1. Working out helps keep you independent. Staying healthy means that your going to be able to function properly as you age. Working out earlier in life and continuing to do so, may mean a longer and fuller life without disablement.
2. Exercise will increase and help maintain your bone density. It is important to keep your bones healthy and strong.
3. Exercise and physical activity will life your spirits. Studies show that working out aids with depression and also is great for your self esteem.
4. Working out is a way for you to get around other people. Staying social and active in your community is important in having quality relationships.
5. Exercise helps you control your weight. Metabolism is affected by how much you exercise and what you eat. Metabolism is how you handle nutrients put into your body. The more you move around the more fat you can burn off.

photo credit:gobonevia.com

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