Friday, February 11, 2011

The anti-aging skin secret

Most people, especially women ,want to know if there is some magical way of making their skin look better and how they can slow down the aging process. One of the biggest way's is to stop using mineral oil based products. It is that simple! 98% of all cosmetics in the US use mineral oil, unless they are organic, or plant based and are clearly defined in the ingredient list. John Hopkins University named ,"mineral oil in cosmetics and moisturizers as the number two cause of aging. The first being direct exposure to the sun.The result is premature aging and increased health risks." Mineral oil traps dirt and blocks the absorption of vitamins and natural elements your skin needs to breathe and be healthy.

Skin is the largest element on your body. Everything you put on your skin gets into your blood stream and system. Manufacturers use mineral oil because it is cheap but the longterm affects are terrible, and the price you pay is accelerated aging. 
It is not always labeled as mineral oil. There are hundreds of different ways mineral oil can be labeled on products.From the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), March of 2001: "In a study of environmental toxins found in the blood and urine, there were surprisingly high amounts of toxic chemicals found in everyday products like perfume, soaps and cosmetics in the people tested." Mineral oil is a carcinogen. This is known to cause cancer and skin disorders. 
 Do your research and make sure you are buying healthy products for your skin! 
BUY PRODUCTS WITHOUT MINERAL OIL! Plant and botanically based products are best! 
Botanical Based SKIN CARE!
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