Monday, February 7, 2011

Taking Captive of Your Thoughts

Fear is one thing that if left go can leave your mind wracked with ideas, notions, and fabricated lies that take over your entire life. Recognizing your fears and understanding why they are there is the first thing you need to take seriously. When you begin to become fearful, you need to stop and recognize that the fear is there and your going to make a conscious effort to choose otherwise. Fill your life with healthy thoughts. Think on things that are good, pure, and true.
Get yourself a TRUTH list. If you need to carry this in your pocket, car, or even beside your bed, than do it! On this card list things that are true, good and right. Begin to concentrate on those things when you feel doubt, fear, and discouragement. The battle is in your mind and the only way your going to conquer these things is by taking "captive" every vain thought and imagination.
Live the full and healthy life you were intended to live, start today by dwelling on the good things you have right now and the wonderful things that are in your future.

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