Tuesday, March 8, 2011

You have purpose! You have purpose! YOU HAVE PURPOSE!

You have a purpose! Did you hear that? I mean, really hear that. Let it sink into the depth of your being for a moment. You were divinely created with a specific purpose in mind. There are times in life where relationships, job loss, relocation, retiring, graduation, going through a divorce, or losing a loved one may leave you feeling confused, alone, or deeply dissatisfied. Then you are ridden with the guilt and pain of the, "WHY's".
Why do I feel this way?
Why I am I going through this?
Why is this happening now?
Why did this happen to me?
Why was I forced to make this painful choice?
Why has life turned out this way?
The list could go on and on as you wrack your mind with unanswered questions about life's uncertainties and unexplainable circumstances.
However, every one feels this way at some point or another. The disappointments and transitions in life are never easy. So I am going to as you, "Are you hungry?" Are you hungry to find your purpose and what you were made to do with your life? 
You may  have asked your self questions that you need answers to, such as:
Why am I not truly happy?
Where do I really fit in?
When did my dreams get pushed to the back burner?
Is this what God really wants my life to look like?
Why do I feel like a failure?
Does my existence matter?
If you have found yourself asking these questions...THERE IS HOPE. God will show you what your purpose is and your heart will be filled with joy as you see all that he has in store for you.
God wants you to be able to say, "I am healthy! I am in my element. This job is what I was made to do. What an amazing thing that I get paid to do this, because I am so fulfilled. I am enjoying my family. I was born for this.I wake up and know I have purpose!"

I challenge you to pursue your purpose with passion!
Find out what you were made to accomplish and how you were designed to leave a lasting legacy on the people in your life.
"In all of our hearts lies a longing for a Sacred Romance...this heart yearning set within us, the longing for transcendence; the desire to be a part of something larger than ourselves...The deepest part of our heart longs to be bound together in some heroic purpose with others of like mind and spirit." Curtis & Eldridge


  1. Thank you Laura. You are a great inspiration and encouragement. I am glad you are in our lives.

  2. Wow! Thank you for those so needed words, Laura! :)