Thursday, April 14, 2011

Healthy Choices...Lead to a Healthier Life.

A healthy lifestyle is a choice.However, not just one but a series of small choices over time that lead to a complete lifestyle change. People ask me or want to know the secrets of getting healthier faster, it is a series of choices! Changing takes time. You have to pinpoint the most critical areas of "unhealth" in your life first.
Maybe for some it is emotional. Others it may be physical. Many times for people there is a spiritual sickness that plagues all aspects of their life. It could be a combination of all areas. In your life every aspect: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual are all connected.
Becoming healthier begins on the inside and works it's way out. You have to want to become healthier, really WANT it. Once you desire to be healthier, you can begin to look at small areas that need to be looked at and addressed right away. 
Do not let guilt control your life. If you mess up one day that does not mean you have "blown" it. Get over that choice and move on and most importantly LEARN from it.

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