Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Royal Wedding

Alright, so like many of us you are either tired of hearing about it, you really don't care, or you are totally fascinated with the royals and all the details going in to such an event. I am falling somewhere right in the middle, leaning towards fascinated. You see because in the heart of every big girl there is that small bit of excitement that makes you think about real princes, princesses, and fairy tale weddings that make your jaw drop. As little girls you are told you are a princess, you are so valued and loved and you are worth so much! It's amazing but have you ever watched little girls play dress up? They never have to be told how to twirl or to get dressed up in a beautiful dress and walk around looking for your facial expression as you say in such excitement, "You look so beautiful, just like a princess!" The sweet little girls face lights up like the sun as she skips away and feels as if she was made for such royalty. And you know what, she was. Yet we all at some point have all grown up and faced the fact that we do not live in a fairy tale world and in some cases have not been treated like a princess in years. Your prince has not been charming. Your castle has crumbled in Cheerios, and your feet hurt from those fancy shoes!  For most women, they have lost that pride and sense of worth over time because of what culture and society has pounded in all of our heads.
Look at the magazines, movies, and media. Women all over the world are longing to be loved, made to feel beautiful, and cherished. Why? Because that is the way women are created to be. We are children of the mighty God. Every human being has a longing for the God that so delightfully created them, yet we fill our void with every other imaginable thing. As women we are princesses and not to put a label on that as we have seen portrayed in stories or fairy tales:as the spoiled rotten princess, the one who is owed it all, or even the one who feels she is better than the rest, but the princess that was bought with a price who is loved and cherished and has the King of the universe on her side no matter what comes her way.
Today, is Easter. My husband and I went to a church today of over 4,000 people to worship and hear about the awesome miracle that had taken place on this incredible day. I sat there and looked around at what appeared on the outside a very thriving and healthy church. The parking lot was full, there were chairs lining the walls and hallways for visitors on this special day in case of needing extra seating. The 30+ choir sang, "Oh Happy Day," and the sanctuary looked gorgeous decked in draperies and spring foliage. Yet, to my shock and almost deepening grief as the service progressed and worship carried on, not one person that I could see was engaged in worship. Their heads hung low, some were sleeping, others were talking, some just starred into space as though they were present physically but somewhere else all together in their mind.
I sat there through out that experience and my heart was heavy, so heavy. Why are God's children sleeping?
Why is the church asleep? This day is the day we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord. Without Him we would all have no hope, we would not have a royal wedding feast in heaven to ever look forward to, we would not even have the unconditional love of God. Yet, we do not worship when it is time, we do not spend time rejoicing in this day and we do not really even care because the ham is in the oven, you have to get the kids to the Easter egg hunt, or you have company over who will just really not understand.
You see it is very simple yet made to be some complicated unexplainable thing, and it really is not meant to be that way. You are so very special. You are royalty because you are a son or daughter of the heavenly King. Your life would be very different if you started to act and walk in the dignity that is given to you because of that fact. We can watch the royal wedding and rejoice with this couple about the love that they have found here on earth and share with them in their excitement on their prestigious day, even if that means for most of us here in America, that we have to get up at 5 am to see the wedding live. However, when it is all over and said and done and as you sit back and dream of what such a day would mean for you, consider the fact that even though you are not earthly royalty. You are so important to the One who carries it all and hold it all in his hands. Maybe you have had some horrible things happen to you and you feel like not only do you even deserve anything good, but you wonder, how could there even be anything good. Allow me to tell you dear one, that you do deserve to have a better life. God wants you to live a healthier and more flourishing life. Things will never be perfect this side of heaven, but I do know that you are still so very precious and mean the world to a God who gave us his only Son so that you would have hope and a love that is everlasting. So as women and men who should be walking in victory, let's get up and start doing what you were intended for on this Earth. You were intended for greatness, you have a gift to be used, you have people who need you. Happy Easter!

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