Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Thinking about Health

Most people do not think about their health until they are already sick or their body is in such a toxic state they have a deadly disease. It is so important to start thinking daily about health. Health is more than physically being in great shape. Recently I held a seminar on the importance of overall health in three major areas: physically, emotionally and spiritually. Finding a balance is really so key to live a healthy and full life. One can be physically in the best shape pf their life but their inside person can be a complete mess.
There are certain active steps that can be taken in ensuring you are giving time needed to the most important areas in your life.
1. Recognize you need to be more proactive and use your mind to think about your responsibility that you have to keep your health in check.
2. Take time for solitude to recharge and mediate on peace and goodness.
3. Take breaks often.
4. Create healthy meals for yourself and your family in spare time.
5. Research food items and read labels. Take it serious when you are consuming food, that you know what is in the ingredients.
No one will take it more serious than you to make sure you have a healthy life. Do not wait until you are sick to change.

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