Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Whey versus plant based protein

Whey protein has been used for years by athletes, trainers, weight loss plans, and as an additional supplement. Protein is needed to build muscle and in addition add more calories to your diet if trying to bulk up. Protein shakes can be taken as a meal supplement if trying to lose weight as well. But here is the thing, whey is milk. Milk is dairy. More and more people are having a harder time digesting dairy. Realistically our bodies are not designed to be process dairy. There are other alternatives like almond milk. If trying to be healthy and you want to use protein supplements, I suggest you look into vegan and gluten free plant based proteins. There are protein shakes and mixes that are derived from plant bases that are just as healthy, taste great, and easier to digest.
There are some great options out there. Please see the following sites:
http://purehealthybeauty.myarbonne.com/- protein shakes are listed under wellness supplements
The above site are supplements I use myself and with my clients and I know they work!

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