Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Overweight and In Debt

Yesterday my husband and I spent the afternoon celebrating the fourth of July. As we enjoyed a wonderful day out I could not help but notice soda machines at this particular tourist attraction. These were not the typical soda machine where you put your change in and you can pick your deadly drink. These were fully equipped with credit card readers and distributed you a receipt for purchase. Not that you need a $1.00 receipt but that really is not my point. I am so unbelievable annoyed by this discovery. Obesity is one of the fastest growing problems here in America along with credit card debt. Seeing these just proved even more that companies are not "helping" the american public by offering them a more convenient choice to pay for their addictions but they are helping them down a road to self destruction.
If someone that chooses to drink soda, does not have the money for it, why should they be able to charge that drink?
It is so disgusting. More options for people to continue to be overweight and in more financial debt. Very  sad!

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