Wednesday, September 28, 2011

When Life Gets in The Way!

The Great Balancing Act
Trying to reach your goals and fulfill your dreams is hard enough without distraction but when life gets in the way that is when you need to understand that this is where your determination and a huge balancing act need to kick in. Life will get in the way! There is no denying the power of distraction, it happens. Sometimes it is very legitimate things that come into our lives that do require our attention, however, you need to keep in mind what your goals are for your life in these certain area’s.
1.     Have a plan of action. You need to know ahead of time which things are the most important to you. EX: Family, Health, Work, etc…Make a list if you need to and prioritize.
2.     Stick to your plan. I know it sounds basic, but really it is formative in reaching your goals. If you know that you have set time aside for your family than be true to your commitments, if you know you want to get up earlier and work out and you have that as a set plan of action then schedule it in and stay committed to this.
3.     Prepare for battle. Some of you are wondering what I mean by battle? Well, if you are planning on doing anything to better your life prepare for the battle of your life. You will find that your mind plays a huge role in achieving success, you will have to reign in your fear and go forward.
4.     Develop tougher skin. I know this is not easy for some people, especially those who are more sensitive by nature. And sensitivity is an amazing attribute that can be used to bless the lives of others in many ways. But what I am referring to is tougher skin in regards to your own well -being. It is sad but when you start to reach your goals and you are becoming more successful, there will always be someone you love or even hold dear that will in their heart not be happy for you. This will hurt. You will not understand this unless you prepare for it. It can cripple…and actually hault someone’s progress. But you have to know that if someone is not happy for you….they are not happy! Their unhappiness is with themselves now your achievements. GO FORWARD!
5.     Reassess!! To reach your goals it will require a time of reflection and making sure you are staying on track. Get accountability with someone you trust to make sure you are moving forward. Set up smaller goals along the way to ensure you are staying on task.
6.     Be honest. You have to be in tune with the reality of your life and situations. Many times people are not realistically looking at what is right in front of them and they are out of touch with their own reality. Take a hard look at yourself and be honest with yourself if you are not reaching your goals. Ask yourself some questions EX: “Am I really serious about these goals?”: “Am I being honest with myself about my weight, finances, relationships, etc?” If you can’t be real with yourself about what your situation actually is, you can’t be in a position to be healthier.

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