Thursday, October 6, 2011

Taking Charge!

"Take charge of your life, dare to try new things,define your dreams and achieve them,start your day with a clear idea of what you can accomplish and go for your goals! Live your life on purpose. You were made for it!"
That saying alone is filled with enormous challenges and hope. You see when you realize that you are capable of turning your mentality from a survivor way of thinking to a thriving way of thinking, your entire life changes. Have you ever seen someone or been that someone that is in survival mode? It is gut wrenching and painful to watch. I have been there. Survival mode is thinking, I need to get through this day and the person is consumed by overwhelming circumstances. Thriving mode takes an entirely new turn, it is the mindset that you are not only going to get through the day but you have hope and purpose in your heart to live the life you were intended to have from the moment of your existence. 
Take Charge! And no I do not mean be a boss of others. I mean literally take charge of your own life. Grab your boot straps and put on your big girl panties and figure out a way to deal with the mess, whether or not you were the one who created it, you can find a way out of it. One step at a time. One choice at a time. One moment at a time. YOU can do this! 
Dare! I dare you to try new things. New does not have to mean bad. New can mean refreshing, uplifting, healthier, freedom, abundance, and growth. You have heard the saying, "Some people never change! " Well it is true. Some people never do, but that does not mean that they are incapable of changes, it just means they resist them and never dare to dream or become a different and better individual who is healthy from the inside out. 
Define Your Dreams! Write them out and over and over again. If you have done this at any time in your past, do it again. It is never too late to define, refine, and maybe come up with some new dreams. Seeing them on paper with your handwriting burns impressions in your mind and heart that you can not let go of and it is a great reminder of what life is all about. 
Live On Purpose! To live a healthy life from the inside out and live on purpose means that you will come to understand you were made for greater purposes than to just walk around and do the daily grind. Other people need you, people are counting on you to become all you need to be, your health becomes more of a constant state of mind as you realize, without your health, you have nothing. One becomes less self centered and more kind as the focus turns from one' s self to others as you come to an understanding that life is short, and about leaving your legacy. Many people think that to take care of themselves it is selfish. Taking care of yourself is actually the opposite, it shows other people you have a deep respect for life, God, family, and for making the most of your life. 

So go and live your life. Live the life you were meant to live. If that means changes, than I dare you to change. Fear only keeps you where you always have been and never helps you get to where you want to go.  


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