Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Giver of Dreams

Recently I have been home more and working less as we prepare for the birth of our second child. I have to tell you that there is nothing like having children that truly makes you realize how selfless you need to be in order to be a good parent. Also it makes you reflect sometimes as you think about your life and the changes you will face, and wanting to still pursue your dreams. I am not saying parenting is not a dream, because of course having your own children and raising them to adulthood is a huge accomplishment and needs to be valued more in our society.  Women are so extremely gifted and talented and have also been given dreams by the ultimate dream Giver. God is a dream giver. There are desires and dreams in the hearts of all of us and they are there for a reason. They were given to you. A dream is like a gift, you are given it and expected to pursue it and to not stop until you have gotten there. People need to have vision and live purposeful lives,to move past the place of familiar and reach out into the land of unknown to find what your potential is in life. I dare you today to move past ordinary and go for something you never thought you would or always wanted to accomplish. It is never too late. If God did give you a dream, He will show you how to accomplish it and give you the means to do it.
Check out this great book, "The Dream Giver." This book will inspire and give you a refreshing outlook on pursuing your higher calling. 

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