Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Kick off a new year with an improved you.

I am hesitant in saying kick off the new year with a new you, because that is never true. No matter how many goals you achieve you never become a new you. People become improved versions of themselves but should never forget who they were before or what they have risen above. By improving yourself you are healthier and more in touch with the reality of who you really are as a person. It isn't until you connect with you are on the deepest levels that you begin to see and accept yourself and can see change take place. This new year I am incorporating a 30 day fit program that will target inner change as well as well as physical wellbeing. I will be offering one month of free life coaching when enrolling in the 3 month program. I am encouraging you right now to start looking forward to a new year, new things, and an improved outlook on your own life. Please contact me at mylittlelifecoach.com or email me at mylittlelifecoach@gmail.com for more information. This program incorporates a gluten free and vegan supplement weight management fit kit. Please contact your healthcare provider before beginning any weight loss program. Life coaching

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