Saturday, April 28, 2012

Safe, Pure Perfume

I love perfume. However, many times the content contains harmful ingredients. I usually spray perfume on my clothing and if I use it, most of the time spray it on my clothing . I try to limit as many harmful ingredients on my skin as possible. I was so excited to find and also be able to sell this new perfume and cologne which is made purely from botanical ingredients and grain alcohol.
SD-40 is a high-grade purified grain alcohol, not synthetically produced. So pure is this specific type of alcohol that it would actually be drinkable, except that it has been mixed with a Denatonium salt, a colorless and odorless bittering agent not known to pose any health risks. By law, any cosmetic product sold in the United States using alcohol must also include a bittering agent, making it too bitter for internal consumption, taking it out of the liquor category.
These products are amazing, there is a perfume and cologne and if anyone is looking for healthier alternatives, these are a great choice.
Check out the site below and under the product section, select: fragrance :to check them out.

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