Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dare to dream

We all have been there, in the midst of the harshest storms life has to blow your way. The kind of pain that is deep, so deep it takes your breath away, and you can barely gather your thoughts. I have been there...that pit of life that just about kills and destroys you to the core. These times are meant to refine, to make you stronger. Yet, to know it and live it are two places,that you can not possibly comprehend while walking through these types of storms. Where to begin? What to do? These questions can rip through your heart and tear you to pieces when the life you had planned crashes and breaks into so many pieces it will never be the same.
I have not mastered pain...no one this side of heaven will ever be able to do such a thing. I have picked myself up from the mud etched into my face from falling so hard, and you can too.
I will tell you this:
God's love is enough to pull you up and out and through it!!
This time will pass!
You have to reign your thoughts in daily and focus on better things!
Dare to dream ...again!
Let the waters rise

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