Sunday, October 7, 2012

Eruption of Entitlement

I have noticed this for several years and I cant even begin to imagine how this is affecting our country, our lives, and relationships. It is becoming most common in my generation (we will say the 30 somethings) and younger. It is this ," I am entitled" mentality. I see it everywhere. Honestly, I even see it driving down the road. You watch sometimes when people get cut off the obnoxious words that fly out of the mouths of even a babe when their "right" to the road has been intruded upon. I see 16 year old's "expecting" they are getting a car. Really?? You are 16!! Sweethearts, that is a hard earned piece of metal you are throwing a tantrum about and the fact that it is not being "given" to you because you are.... oh, "of that age to have a car!" It has reared its ugly head in just about everything. Where did this spoiled rotten mentality actually overcome this generation, not to mention the apathy that is coupled with it? Not only are we seeing an eruption of " I am owed or entitled," but we are seeing an apathetic way of life springing up all around us. I have heard the phrase, "I just dont care," more often then I wish I had heard. Do people actually mean they do not care? Maybe! Quite possibly they do not. However, it is causing major problems. No one is entitled or owed a single thing. In fact, what we deserve we actually should be thankful we do not get. There are things in life you need to work really hard at....and with that being able to truly care that you have obtained it so when you get that hard earned promotion, car, dream home, or even a loving reallyyyy cherish it.
Think about what you can "give" back once in awhile instead of what you think you are actually "entitled" to receiving!

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