Friday, January 4, 2013

Making Resolutions a Reality

Every year we set goals, make resolutions and try to determine in our hearts we will have a better year. So many people want to see their goals become a reality but have no idea how to make them actually happen. Here are some easy starters that you can apply to your life today to start making your dreams a reality this new year. 1. Do not tackle everything at once. Start with a small step and achieve it, it will give you momentum to tackle the bigger things. 2. Stop being so critical of yourself and others. You can sabotage your way of thinking by being overly critical of people even yourself. Extend some grace, and you will see you will change your way of thinking with each new positive choice and comment. 3. Write down your goal and post a picture where you can see it daily. Seeing your vision helps you keeps things in perspective when you get lost in the every day daily grind. For additional information or life coaching tips,seminars, and sessions please visit:

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