Monday, February 4, 2013

Mighty Mindset

The past few months I have been reigning in my thoughts. Capturing the negativity that could easily set in and poison every day life. It is easy to get discouraged, to look at your situation and believe that this will never change. Those are lies that if you dwell on will dictate your very life. You see, having a mindset that will push you into thriving mode versus survival is the very thing that will get you through the dark valley you sometimes have to walk through. You have to make a decision. To not make one is a decision in itself, but to make one to be positive is one of the most single powerful choices you can make. Your life is made up of all kinds of ups and downs, it is part of life. Yes many may seem unfair, some cruel, but the most important thing to remember is the only constant is change. This part of your life will and can change. You have to get to a point that irregardless of circumstances you will have a good attitude. You will choose to be a victor not a victim. Life does not have to ruin you. You can determine your choices, attitude, and destiny. Constant daily choices determine where you will end up. Make them wisely! Make them on purpose and make them positive.

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