Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Are you setting up to fail?

Let's check out some of the warning signs or red flags so to speak.
Keep in mind failure is not bad, unless as you learn from it. We all have all failed or made mistakes. Learning from them and getting up is what will make the difference.Ask yourself some of these questions, ask some trusted people in your life what they think as well.
Ask ... Am I this way or do I tend in this direction? 
- You are a major people pleaser. When big choices need to be made, you consult with everyone around you. Come up with a team and getting everyone's opinions about a decision you just need to make but won't because you don't want to offend, is a warning! 
- You stay in places and relationships that are not healthy or working. What would cause you to stay around people or places that you know are not beneficial? Is it low self esteem? Are you willing to let it go so you can be stronger?
- You secretly thrive on drama whether yours or everyone else 's. Gossiping about others whether you are in a professional group or not is wrong. Pretty good chance is they are talking about you too. Leadership needs to function at a higher standard. Adding fuel to the fires of slander and gossip only destroys people and unity. 
- You have no specific plans on how to reach a goal. Dreams are planted in all of us but without a plan you will never reach the goal. Set steps up as mile markers to achieve along the way. 

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