Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Myth of Multi-tasking

Though, the hallmark of the twenty-first century has been multitasking. In reality, it isn't a good policy. When you do several things at once, you don't focus on any one task. Mistakes are made and everything becomes combined and messy. Also, when we multitask, we often aren’t giving another human being our full attention. We half-listen and then carry on with our tasks. This does nothing to foster team building at work or personal relationships at home. It's best to do just one thing at a time and focus on one person at a time.
When you do, you can accomplish more, feel more in control, and be a lot more pleasant to be around. You also can greatly reduce your stress levels
The "smart" device age has caused an increasing level of distraction as well. Set clear boundaries so you can have balance, you need to know when to shut it off and put it away. 
No one wants to be labeled a jack of all trades and a master of none! Let us all seek to pursue the best possible life we can give ourselves and families!

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