Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Restoration- How God used an old barn door to help me tell a story!

Over the weekend I had an opportunity to spend a day with my mom and dad. I love the chance to go back home, something about being home calms and centers me. Maybe its the fresh mountain air, or the memories of a childhood full of laughter and fun, I don't know but whatever it is, I love being there and as I get older I cherish it more and more. Well, I know some of you do not know my dad, but he is a "collector" you could say of things he feels he will use one day. Some may say hoarder..but that is taking it a bit too far. I find his garage and shed to be a place of great options for projects!! I know my mom does too! I mentioned to my dad I needed some old barn wood for a project. ( I knew he would have just what I needed somewhere) That is the best thing about my dad, he has a "supply" and the nails to go with it anytime you ask. I loved that about my dad growing up, he could fix anything, and create stuff with old things. Maybe that is where I come up with these ideas? Although, I know this time he did not see my "vision" for these pieces of barn wood.
We dug out the wood and I told him I wanted to transform these banged up pieces into art for my wall. He looked at me several times and kept asking, "are you sure?"
We worked together at gathering up the wood then he helped me assemble my little masterpiece. You see, I had a plan, the entire time of what I wanted to do with that old discarded board. No one really could see it but me, even during the process, I could tell even my dad who was helping me so willingly was wondering what in the world I could do with this old stuff that had clearly seen better days! But I knew.... I knew that restoration and restoring wood takes time. I knew that the time put into it would require some work,polishing,cutting and sanding! In the end  though I knew if I could take these broken pieces of material and assemble something beautiful it would be worth it. It was even better that I was able to work on this with my dad. It has been years since I could work beside him, when I was a little girl I never wanted to leave his side...always wanted to help! I am sure I slowed him down more times than he would ever admit, but he never pushed me off or scolded me, he always let me tag along.
Anyway, back to my I brought it all home, put it down in my garage and started to brush off the cobwebs, the dust, and old paint pieces. Obviously this wood has been around quite a long time!
After the sanding, cutting, and pounding back together.I started to stain the wood and because of the neglect for years, the stain just sunk deep into its very core, the deepest parts of it's being was thirsty and ready for change. ( I was ready for it too!) Seeing it soak it up reminded me of myself, when I am so ready for the things of God to really fill me. to satisfy my deepest parts. I could relate!
Then I brought out the paintbrush, a detail you can not overlook in the restoring process, the brush will get the tiny cracks and heal where no one else really sees. (But those cracks they are so deep, so so deep, and need to be filled! They need to be filled with only what the master artist could fill it with!)

I worked for hours, my back was pounding and I was ready to get this baby hung up on the wall, but I knew I needed to keep going and the process would be worth it. I thought of quotes, millions of quotes, which should I pick? I spent hours trying to decide what would be best for this precious piece, that by this time I have grown to love and adore. My goodness, the whole family now was really excited and waiting too. My little girls have been wondering what is happening out in that garage, mom has been out there for hours! So I began to paint, and this is what came out!I thought how much time must God put into us, our mistakes, needs, and desires. He knows it all and yet pursues us with a passion and love that only He could give, He see's our true potential. He knows what we are capable of no matter what we come from or what we have done.

Funny thing about the phrase, "It is WELL with my SOUL...." is that the very words were penned during one of the most heartbreaking moments in another mans life , yet he knew where HIS anchor was and that no matter what happened, God would not forsake him.
So true and ironic this old barn door, what we see in the natural and what it looks like, looks alot like us, before God gets hold of us, He takes what is otherwise considered useless, discarded, and restores it to a beautiful creation. The deep and edgy cracks that no one sees or runs away from he fills with His healing power and spirit. He makes all things new, and believes in the possibilities of what could be! He believes in you! He believes in me. I mess up, I need him daily. I am hoping this old barn door which I plan on hanging today will be that reminder to me. God is an anchor for my soul and IT IS WELL!

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