Thursday, May 15, 2014

Why teaching your kids about healthy food is vital for them to make healthy choices!

"It's time to take action! We need every child to understand where food comes from, how to cook it, and how it affects their body. This is about setting kids up with the knowledge they need to make better food choices for life! Jamie Oliver
I get the critics believe me, those who feel I am being "picky" about choosing to give my kids organic, or buying foods that are organic. As if choosing health is some sort of "curse" upon you that you should feel weird about. Also, I get the comments about price, "organic is so expensive etc." I will say this, yes it is more then other generic brand food. However, have you seen the price of junk food, chips, cigarettes, and cancer lately? The other day I walked down the "chip" aisle, and I actually could not believe the price of chips. Some of the family size bags are almost $5.00 for a bag of chips!! I have a choice, you have a choice. I could buy a bag of chips with little or no nutritional value for $5.00 or I can buy a bag of organic apples. It really is about trade offs. Making different choices.  Those who "put down" for choosing to be healthy just spend their money on different things than you do...that really is it!  It is a thought process. For me it is a pay now or pay later mentality. Now can I totally avoid cancer causing elements in this lifetime? Probably not, we are surrounded by it, the computer I am typing on, no doubt it probably giving me some sort of vibe. We all have cancer cells in our bodies, but what we feed our bodies helps keep us alkaline or acidic. Disease can not thrive in alkaline bodies.
We are teaching the future generations how to eat by what we make available for them. If you are the one making the food purchases, you are the one responsible. I get it's staggering and you can serve up some guilt trip to as to why we don't have time to make healthy options. But we do! We all do! We all have the same amount of time actually, we just choose to spend it differently. I am not saying every item in my pantry is 100% organic and I live off the land, I cant possibly do that where I reside. But I encourage you to look for local organic farms that you can support and buy your food from, where it is fresh and has more LIVE nutrients. There are money saving tips even when buying organic food.
You can stay along the outside edges of the grocery store to keep you from spending money on things that are not necessary. Purchase fruits for smoothies in the organic frozen aisle. It is cheaper and lasts longer! Try to have a meal plan and elliminate having a meat type dish every night. Organic meats and poultry can be expensixve if you buy for every night of the week. Limit the meat you consume weekly, it will keep you healthier , save you money, and you can get just as much proetin from plant sources.
I love my girls, I know that I can not keep them protected from everything. I do know that their health will be very important to them as they get older. Right now, I can not teach my kids at their young age of all the chemicals and how to read words they can not pronounce on the back of labels. But what I can do is SHOW them what is good and healthy! I can make food fun for them, I can make a green smoothie delicious enough for even a two year old to slurp down and that is what matters. Our bodies crave what we give it. To this day, my five year old does not drink soda. I do not buy it and I do not offer it. Someone offered her one and she took one sip and said it was TOO sweet and she did not like it. If you give kids healthy options they will not want crave the bad ones. Will they have stuff when we are visiting friends, probably! I am not going to circle over them and demand all my friends and family abide to our standards of eating. But I do know it is important to us when we are home. WE need to set the standard for our eating habits! Kids are depending on us.

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  1. VERY well written! Thank for thought...almost literally... ;)