Monday, March 16, 2015

What is the cause of poor church leadership?

A question that all of us ask ourselves at some point or another. The one aspect of this that is especially hard is when you have been hurt within a circle of people in which you should have been safe. A general assumption would be that a church leader could lead with integrity and strength, but when church leadership lets you down, where do you turn? It is so easy to be angry and confused. All of which are completely justified emotions.

In the church the leaders appointed should lead to a higher standard, but we live in a fallen world and unless those leaders are really called to be leaders and supposed to be in those positions... they will hurt people along the way because of several reasons. 

- The title they were given was based upon desperation/ seniority versus real qualifications. 
- There is a lack of real training.
- They are filling a position and that's it, they are not really called to be in it.
- Complacency, jealousy or stagnation set in. 
-Terrible accountability such as appointing board who pay the salaries and are their buddies , it is a I will pat your back if you pat mine...mentality. 

Whatever the reason don't underestimate the damage a poor leader can have on people. A leader that is allowed to operate in this way will be driven with selfish ambition and will most likely sabatoge anyone or anything that could get in their own way or agenda that will change their culture and what makes them feel comfortable.

What to do if you have been hurt by poor leadership?
Seek some counseling to heal from the hurt and betrayel.
Stay far away from those people who have hurt you.
Seek truth and know that God wants you to be in church and staying away from them because you have been hurt is just a way for you to be aliented from real friends.

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