Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I need your vote! ZOUP! recipe contest....

I am just so excited I have to share that I entered one of my raw and ultra healthy soup recipes in a national contest with the restaurant chain, ZOUP. I actually made it to the top four!! They are holding one week for friends and family to cast votes. There is nothing required of you as far as entering information. Just one click.
If I win, they will give me a $1,000 Williams Sonoma Card and feature my healthy soup on the menu!!
I am really excited.
Please just take a moment, and vote by clicking below and my recipe is the on the top and labeled. Peach Melon Gazpacho by Laura Parker. 
If you want to share please feel free to share with as many as you can. I would be so happy to win this contest and see more people getting to enjoy healthy food while out!!
Here is the link-
Vote daily for the next week... please... Thanks so much!!! 

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