Friday, November 20, 2015

Dog bones and baking pans

The title does not barely do what I am about to show you any justice. I think the fact that I found those two items is more hilarious than anything but somehow I found a small piece of a life lesson to ponder.
I decided to clean my purse. I usually do this every couple months. I hate to admit it takes that long but it does. So I began to empty the contents all over the counter and this is some of what I discovered. I found among the treasures of my every day life that I also had 2 dog bones, a mini baking sheet (from my daughters easy bake oven), and a bottle of bug spray from the fourth of July fireworks that I had been carting around for a couple months and since we are the week before Thanksgiving... I would say that is pretty bad.
I did not intentionally mean to carry this stuff around for months with me, I just didn't think it was that big of deal and left it there. Days turned into weeks and weeks months...
Now that I had the time to rid my purse of extras... I can see how we also do this in our own lives.
Have you ever known a "stuffer"? A stuffer is someone who never really deals with things at hand and just stuffs it away until later living then in constant avoidance.
I think the purse illustration is a candid display of stuffing and one I wanted to share because honestly who finds dog bones in their purse with a baking sheet? This busy mom does and I am sure a lot of the moms out there can relate even with some fun stuffing stories of their own. However, there are big things...huge things...deep things that people end of "stuffing" away into their inner souls.
I think its time to clean the clutter. Clutter only makes it hard to see your way through and it's easier to stuff things away. It takes very little effort to just keeping stuff hidden...its the time and effort put into the "cleaning" that makes for a fresh start and a new way of thinking and living.
In my case with the purse, it really is a lot lighter of a weight to carry. And I know when we let go of things that we have been avoiding or confront something that makes us uncomfortable, it is then you really can be free to live without hindrance.
I knew those dog bones were in there somewhere because at some point I put them there! Same with that mini baking sheet, it fell out of  box when we moved and I knew it was important so I put it where any good mom would; in my purse!  But over time, I just left it... no big deal... I would get to it. And today I did get to it but when there are bigger issues we start to "stuff away" that is not a good thing.
Avoidance only delays the actually outcome. Don't do that to yourself! So for all of those other moms out there who are pulling diapers, underwear, and maybe even a sandwich out of that bag... I get it! I really do, just let it stop at the purse and as women let us be more real about things and stop living with an avoidance mindset. Take on today with confidence in cleaning out your "stuff!" xo- laura

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