Friday, November 20, 2015

Living with hurt

This is a tough article I have been mulling over for months, maybe years. I have thought about it, journaled about it, prayed about this very topic. "Hurt...." It is not an easy word, the very pains I feel in my heart as I write this article makes me deeply sad to revisit times, people, and places that have ever so carved a deep cavern within me. To say anyone is free of hurt this side of heaven would be false. No matter how good you live your life, no matter how much you strive for a better way of life, no one is exempt from the painful pangs of hurt from other individuals.
I have been there, I have laid on the ground and cried my heart out at the foot of rejection, I have lost sleep over gut wrenching situations I just did not understand, and in some cases still do not. I have lived with hurtful people, I have hurtful people in my family, I have worked with hurtful people, and shamefully in my own hurt or stress have also hurt people.
The kind of hurt I am talking about here though is the intentional, deep and meaningful hurt of rejection.
Rejection is knowing what is in front of you and making an attempt to keep it away. Why do people, and organzitions hurt those around them?
Hurting people hurt people. Healed people can then help others...
I have heard that before and really up until about two years ago I really did not think too deeply about it until going through a very dark season in my own personal life.
When people are hurting from their own past, their mistakes, wrongs done to them, or even dealing with their own personal frustrations there is a part of their being that is bleeding hurt. They don't take healing time, get help through counseling, fail to grieve properly, and in turn they continue to "bleed" all over the people around them with toxicity. Toxicity surfaces in many forms.
I can only pray that in time the counseling or accountability that is needed will somehow show itself as important and sought after for complete healing or restoration of broken lives.

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