Monday, November 9, 2015

Running on empty...

It's a Monday and coming off a weekend full of celebrations... I am feeling it.  I love new weeks, days, and new phases of life; but I have to say that running on empty has been how I've felt for some time.
I glanced down at the car this morning and couldn't believe I again had to fill this tank up, where did the miles go? Am I leaking fuel or just driving an insane amount of miles to keep up with our routine.
It's a dilemma and I'm feeling it. The constant battle for balance has again struck a chord.
I have a business, two young kids and husband who runs a business. Our lives are full,stressful, and demanding. And I strive to be the women that holds true to who I am in the middle of a million things pulling me in different directions.
I feel like the gas tank today, running on empty. No one can run on empty for long. We can't give anything from an empty well. Encourage you to take time to refuel and refill your spirit today too.
Life's full of opportunities that I don't want to miss because I'm too tired and too worn out.
In a world where everything can seem to bombard you, hurt you, or wear you down...take time for you.

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