Tuesday, March 2, 2010

OH Mama!

The responsibility of motherhood is one role in our culture that is highly under-rated at times. I am experiencing for the first time in my life the most demanding job I have ever had, being a mom. There is much confusion for women like me in a culture where being home with your child is rare and few and far between these days. I have the degree's and education behind me to go out into the work force and "make something of myself" as many may say from time to time. I choose however to stay home while my little one is in her early years of development and chose to be the one that invests my time into her. I have had people actually question me sometimes and ask, why? Why don't you put your child in daycare, you have the degree and education to get a good job right now that could help your family? Or my husband has had people rudely comment to him, if that were my kid, "I would just put her in daycare, than you both could work!" Some may think that it is a luxury or more of an inconvenience to be with your child, and in a sense it is a joy to have that privilege to see all the "firsts" with your very own eyes, it is not an easy choice though. The sacrifice is more than I ever knew and because of that I have gained a new respect for all moms who have raised children generations before us. Motherhood is a 24 hour, 365 day a year job, you do not have sick days, and the benefits are well....not very good at times. Living on 1 full time income in a society where that is virtually impossible is a sacrifice that I feel a tremendous obligation to as a mother. Our children are little only for a few years in life.
As I sit and write this , my little one is screaming "poop" and the day began once again way too early. I have begun to see the importance though also in keeping yourself healthy as an individual. As a mom it is easy to sink yourself in an oblivion of laundry and meaningless tasks all day that are the same boring things you have done the day before...and you forget sometimes that all of this is only temporary. Mother's need to keep themselves invested in other activities like exercise and goals you have for your life aside from raising children. One day these little one's will leave home and go off to college or find their own way in the world and at that time you must know who you are so that you can continue to live your life and fulfill your purpose in this life. There are talents and abilities that every mom has out there and sometimes in the middle of the daily grind you forget that God has also called you to figure out your purpose and talents in this life as well as you helping your children find theirs. For all moms out there...your awesome, and what you do is not in vain. Find something in every day to do by yourself for a few minutes, stay active, and keep your mind and body healthy.
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