Friday, May 14, 2010

Herbs for healing

Herbs can be used in all sorts of forms and administered differently. A great way to incorporate certain herbs are to make a tea and drink it. Always check to see how herbs should be taken before consuming a dosage. Here a few easily used herbs for every day ailments.

Chamomile- Soothes frazzled nerves, lessens anxiety, and has anti-inflammatory effects.
Lavender- Calms and uplifts spirits, eases anxiety, scent promotes elements of comfort.
Cinnamon- Helps the body use insulin more effectively, eases inflammation, and boosts brain activity.
Lemon balm- Eases congestion and stuffiness, calms nerves, and aids in digestion.
Peppermint- Settles upset stomach, aids in digestion.
Rosehip- High in antioxidants, fights colds and flu, high in vitamin C.
Rooibos( South African Red Bush)- Helps relax and ease stress, promotes better sleep, and eases upset stomachs. 
Holy Basil- Aids in depression, and gives mental clarity. 

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