Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Chemical Free Cosmetics & Weight Loss

There are so many ingredients found in cosmetics and nutritional supplements that are having adverse side effects rather than helping your skincare regime or your body get healthier. Many proteins used in weight loss have soy and whey. Whey is cows milk and soy is soybean. Years ago soy was the new thing, the "healthier" option. However, soybeans in the US are genetically modified and whey from cows milk that is not organic is full of hormones. People are trying to lose weight but are filling their body with toxic substances and breaking down their immune systems.
The same situation is playing out in the cosmetic industry. Women put make up on every day, along with lotion, perfume, and also take a shower with soaps filled with carcinogens. The cosmetics being manufactured use ingredients, that in some other countries are actually banned. There are healthier options, but it is up to everyone to make that personal choice to use products that are natural,organic, and plant based. Men are just as prone to cancer as women and their products are just as dangerous. Most companies do not even put all the ingredients on their labels.
Here is a site that I manage and I offer safe, pure, and natural cosmetics, supplements, and weight loss protein. All of these ingredients are gluten free, certified vegan, and 100% botanical.
Please check this out and feel free to email me with questions before you order if you need to.

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