Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Healthier is a CHOICE

Recently I have had some pretty funny talks with family members and friends about the choices we face to be healthier. I find it odd but not surprising how many people can talk about you or even judge you for trying to be healthy! I find it more and more annoying actually. It is one of those things that I feel everyone is on a journey with and where you are depends mostly on the urgency you feel to change. Some people eat fast food and processed junk every day. I have friends who give their kids all kinds of horrible things to eat and it shows. However, I would NEVER make a joke about them eating poorly or say things about their personal choices. But yet isn't it funny how when someone finds out you have made a lifestyle change with your eating habits and are choosing to make better choices for your family, you hear things like this, "OH ...your all about Organic aren't you? " or something along the lines of, "you are picky or you guys don't eat meat do you?"  It is said as if a jab at you...meaning its negative. It is not about being picky for me or my husband. We have seen our society, friends and families make poor eating choices...we have seen that proper diet and nutrition can greatly decrease your chances of disease or obesity. I really would never judge someone for eating their processed food, but I have also studied what is and isn't healthy. Once you have "educated" yourself about what is being put into our food and what you should be consuming you will never be able to look back if you want the healthiest life possible when it comes to food.
This is where I am... I know and have researched enough, read enough facts and studies to strongly pursue healthier choices in my life. Those healthy choices include eating organic, ridding our home of any processed food, little or no meat in our diet, and as best we can we try to eat an all raw diet when at home. I also would never inform my family or friends that when we come to dinner we refuse to eat the food they choose to serve us, that would be rude. These are not restrictions, this is our personal responsibility for our health and to our future. We should be celebrating one another more, when someone in your life chooses to be healthier you should be applauding their efforts, not putting them down. I will also say this, and I hear this a lot too, "I would eat better if it was not expensive," Everyone makes choices. The people who say they don't have money to eat better also smoke (which costs lots of money) people may drink (which costs even more money), or spend their money on "other" things, everyone makes different choices with their finances.
If someone if your life is making wiser choices to be encouraging not discouraging. You never know, you may actually learn something too and making small choices to better health is better than no choice at all. It is a journey...through life... it is not a diet... it is a lifestyle that you have to commit to for your overall health and well-being.

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